Avion Travelcader Swag!

Back in the day when the Cayo family originally owned and operated the Avion Corp. there was a trailer owner’s club that served as a social network that planned rallies, provided peer support and camaraderie.  They also shared some SWAG that separated them out as “Travelcaders” which was the term used to denote an Avion owner.

1972_AVION_23-travelcade club info, brochure page

(Credit:  Above photo from SilverAvions.com which is a fabulous resource for Avion lovers)

We were fortunate enough in March 2017 to find this original “Travelcader” knitted argyle cap which was one of the hallmark “swag” pieces that Avion owners wore at rallies held in the heyday of the Travelcade Club.  Here Kevin is modeling his hat and cannot wait to wear it at the rally we are going to this summer! [scroll down to see two collectible rally photo’s with everyone wearing them!]

Sadly, this company-supported club and its rallies and programs vanished after subequent owners of the corporation and in April 2005 the “all-Avion” club was merged into the Fleetwood Travel Club and the club was spun off to fend for themselves with no continued financial support from the Fleetwood company which then was building the Avion models. Fleetwood discontinued building the Avion Travel Trailers in 1990.

Many Avion owners lamented this decision of the corporation because as they note that once multiple brands were introduced into the club, the fellowship and uniqueness of Avioners was diminished.  Eventually most, if not all Avion owners did not renew their memberships. (check out the guy second in from the left…sporting his Travelcader beanie just like Kevin’s!) Below photo also thanks to www.SilverAvion.com

1972_AVION_15- around the campfire, rally1

We are happy to report that a new group was formed the Silver Avion Fellowship Club and that group is still going strong and hosts an annual big rally each year.  Here is link to rally info.    Additionally, with the advent of the internet and particularly with Facebook, many (maybe even too many-I subscribe to all of them and have a tough time keeping up and keeping them straight!) Avion-oriented facebook pages have arisen and thrived. These include pages just for discussing repairs, Avion trailers and parts for sale, restoration focused pages and Avion Owner pages.   Some pages have over 1500 friends, mostly Avion owners and facebook and a few dedicated yahoo groups continue to provide the camaraderie, peer support and rekindle that “travelcader” mentality of we are stronger together than apart.  Visit our Vintage Resources page for links to forum sites.

Here are some more images of the Travelcader swag that existed in the 60-80’s and some that  is still available today!

We purchased these off Ebay in Nov 2016.  These are about 8 inch in diameter, vinyl pressure sensitive stickers that will be put on to replace our very worn out originals. The medallions were put above the running lights both in the front and rear of each rig.  This ensures that fellow Avion owners knew you belonged to the club and could even give  you a wave on the road.  Our stickers are new reproductions of originals with some slight modification.  ( I believe the originals had a line drawing of an Avion trailer in the middle, so perhaps the new designer of these wanted to avoid any trademark issues)

The Classic Avion Travelcader rally photo below!  Notice each of them wearing the trademark knitted argyle cap like Kevin has now!travelcaders around the fire with hats

bw, cookout at rally

Tin Can Tourists-Just joined!

We have taken the plunge and are jumping in head first to the vintage camping subculture…and have joined the national “Tin Can Tourists” camping club.  This group has been around since 1919 and is going strong.  There is a northeast chapter who hold rallies and events in Pa, NY and sometimes New England states.  This year, there is a one in early June in Forestville NY, not too far from us…and we hope to get there.

Video from a TCT Rally in upstate NY, Seneca Lake area in Sept 2016

The Tin Can Tourist website is a treasure trove of information and their resource list alone of links to vendors, information, how to documents, etc is phenomenal and they also sell some kitchy t-shirts and stuff too on their site.

If you are looking to find vintage camper events across the USA this is one of the best resources to use.  Even if you are not a member, but perhaps are considering purchasing a vintage camper, most TCT rallys and events do have some posted public hours where you can come in, tour some of the ones  on the open house tours, talk to owners and yes…we see from photos that there are many in fact that may have a for sale sign on them…so you could just end up becoming an “official tin can owner” yourself that day!

Tin Can Tourist membership is open to anyone with a vintage trailer or motorhome. There are lots of Airstreams, Avions, Scotty Campers, VW Van poptops, GMC motorhomes, and all sorts of unusual and rare rigs too.   Some events where judging contests (optional if you want to participate) do require the rig be at least 25 years or older….no prob for us….our Pewter Palace is 44 years young this year!

Check out http://www.tincantourists.com for great info!