Space Saving- Veggies, Breads, Fruits and more!

Space savers and multi-use reign supreme in trailer living! Anyone who has a vintage trailer, or any trailer or motorhome under 34 feet or so understands the need for saving what precious counter top space you have and to keep it as free from clutter as possible.  Likewise, although our refrigerator has served us well and at just under 8 cubic feet seems plenty for us (I do love the separate freezer too!).

2016-10-05 18.28.48

(This is a photo of when we first purchased the trailer but note minimal counter space)

Some of the full time Vloggers we watch like “Less Junk, More Journey” and “A Streamin’ Life” have both come up with some great tips…and we would like to share one of our own here!

We are lucky to have these great wooden shelves in our Avion which were installed by former owners but really look like they came with the rig.  Using an area previously used for a undermount toaster (we inherited and it did not work, so was removed) we mounted 3 pairs of large safety cup hooks (the kind that have the metal closure piece) and have put on them to the right of our counter area.

2017-08-05 09.02.07

On each of the hook pairs we have hung these awesome natural string, mesh shopping bags which perfectly hold our fruits, veggies and breadstuffs—all of which would normally take up a lot of room in the fridge.  The bags also then are handy to remove when empty for the next trip to the grocery store.  Very convenient!  I love them!

Where to purchase??  Mesh bags purchased on Amazon (3 bags for $11.99 and free shipping with Prime).  They are of an excellent quality.  the strap handles are beefy and the entire bag appears well made.  We will get their first workout this weekend when we travel to the Finger Lake Region in upstate NY.  Its about a four hour trip and i have them loaded with apples, potatoes and banana’s so we can see if they do the ultimate trick.

Why Bags over Baskets?  I decided to go with the mesh bag style over the tiered basket style simply because of a few reasons; bags were lighter in weight, provide additional use of taking as grocery bag to market, less chance of spillage if trailer is rocking and rolling as we go down the road, mesh bags will not rust, easy to throw in washing machine, and …they hold more!

Hope this little tip gives you some ideas!  Let us know if you decide to use this idea! we would love to see your installation or other ideas you have used these great mesh bags for!

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LevelMatePro- awesome leveling tool-app

Let’s face it, Kevin and I are not known for our geekie-ness (just ask my thirty-something kids!) but we have fallen in love with this Tech-savvy, easy to install and use tech instrument and app (for Iphones, Ipads and Androids) that make leveling your Motorhome or in our case, our trailer a breeze!

The LevelMatePRO is a level guidance system that once the receiver box is installed inside your rig, it sends a signal to your cell phone or Ipad in your car via Bluetooth that allows you to quickly and clearly see how level (or NOT) you are in a particular spot.


Kevin is a prolific YouTube maestro and uses reviews and how to videos to learn about new gadgets that especially full timers have found useful.  This LevelMatePro came to us via the channel/website.  These guys offer no nonsense reviews, practical tips and how to’s on a myriad of tech related gadgets as well as other RV accessories and tools.

Of particular greatness is for folks who are swooping in for a quick overnight of boondocking in a parking lot, you can literally drive around with this thing on and see a spot that is the most level possible—thereby saving you even having to haul out one leveling block!

For us…it is a time and labor saver (not to mention stress saver).  Before the LevelMatePRO Kevin would park the rig, leaving the Suburban (a.k.a. Darth Vader) running.  Shoot back to the trailer, open her up, pull stuff out of  my freezer in the refrig to then place is 11 inch bubble level on the freezer shelf to ensure level sitting.  UGH….not level….back to the car, forward a scootch….backward a scootch…up onto the leveling canoe (as i call it) inch, inch…OK!  The back and forth into the freezer shelf could be done multiple times. YIKES!  Why you ask was I not doing this part….trust….its a guy thing….He felt he had a better handle on it because, well after all–it involved a tool. LOL.  2017-09-10 11.52.23

Ahh… now with the LevelMatePro we simply sit in the car together, read the screen.  We take out the one, or two leveling canoes (another blog post about them…far better than the stacking blocks) and while I do stay on the outside to monitor, we BOTH have our leveling apps running and can be assured of perfect fit.  And best of all…the food stays in the freezer!!

We bought our gadget on Amazon through the referral so they get a little perk for the order, which is fine with us since they do a lot to bring these things to fellow RVers.  Cost is about $130-150 and the item is entirely wireless!

The set up was very easy for us.  The manufacturer suggests with trailers that you mount as close to front of the rig as possible.  It can face either front, to either side or to back but should be mounted on a vertical surface.  Since our rig is curved we opted to mount our receiver on the side of our wooden front hanging shelf.  This shelf is very sturdy and we faced it towards the driver side since the instructions said that the driver side installation is optimal.  Two screws and we were done (after putting the batteries in of course!).  On/Off button is easy to access and reach.  The App guides you through the set up as does the very good and graphic instruction manual that comes with the equipment.  YES! I did say that it comes with printed instructions and graphic screenshots of what you should see.  Amazing in this day and age as so many things you buy now want you to go online for any installation or instruction manuals.  How refreshing!  and….I have frozen food!

PS:  There is also a hitch memory setting too so once you have your rig level, and you want to unhitch to take your tow vehicle out to dinner or siteseeing…use the hitch memory setting and when you go to rehitch up, the level pro will let you know exactly when you have lifted your rig just enough to get underneath to hitch up.

Check it out!  LevelMatePro is a great gadget!!  (good for Class A,B’s and C’s too)

*note, we do not get paid or receive any other type of enumeration or free products for our reviews of our “great gadgets”.

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