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Below are links and sources we have found online that provide a myriad of information for Avion owners as well as simply being great resources for anyone owning a vintage camper.I continue to add as more are found (and I have the time!)

Best to start here….History of the Avion Luxury Travel Coaches

Publications: there are precious few (really only one) hard copy book published about the Avion and Cayo story.  There are occasional magazine stories that could be found in old trailer life, etc. magazine—but none come close to the wealth of knowledge that is found in the book below.  Granted, some of the book is Mr. Muncy’s personal musings about life with an Avion- but between this book and the online Fb resources and Silver Avion website by Dr G–(see link below for this site) this book below is the MUST HAVE!


by Bob Muncy, a long time Avion owner and very involved with the Avion Travelcades etc. wrote and published a “must have” book that gives a wonderful history to the company as well as chapters on spec details, evolution in design of the Avion’s, stories about attending and helping to put on the Travelcade rallies as well as a bevvy of awesome photos from his journeys, Avion Corp/Cayo corp. archives and others who submitted photos of their beloved Avion’s for the publication of the book.

Well worth the read and a great gift to an Avion lover! (yes, we have the book!)

Here is where we ordered ours from:


If the link above does not work, try Bob Muncy by phoning (828) 963-6487  (this is a TCT post from 2009 so phone may be out of date-but try as I am sure it is a land line and Mr. Muncy may very well still have it) —–Or try his store at: (828) 832-3830

ISBN # is:   978-0-578-03731-8


Facebook offers many online forum sites where current, former or “wanna be” owners can share stories, resources, photos of restoration projects or simply ask a question!

Use the simple search of “Avion trailers” and you will be amazed!  here are some that we belong to and comment in fairly regularly:  (note, most if not all of these are monitored very well and do require you request to join)      (largest of all the groups)    (good site for Avion’s for sale and parts)   ( another Avion owners site)     (especially good for tech talk)

OTHER ONLINE WEBSITES FOR GREAT INFO!   (info to research Avion specs on models/years)


Fletchers Trailer Sales (Fletch is an Avion owner!)  Fletch did work for us our first season to prep our Avion for use.  He rewired and replaced the front fuse box, Eternabonded the rooftop seams, checks our major systems and Mor-Ryde system and replaced most of the rubber window glaze bead around the exterior of our windows.  He was great to work with an operates in the Seneca Lake area of the NY Finger Lakes in Trumansburg NY.

Reproduction Avion Travelcade Stickers ( on Ebay)


Interstate RV Metal and Supply:  Great Source for “Glaze Bead”(that black stuff that goes around the exterior of your windows to hold them in place and prevent leaks).  Here is our video when we did this repair job.

For our 1973 Avion we used the following glaze bead from Interstate RV with excellent results.  We ordered the black and like how it looks a lot.  Interstate does not do online ordering so it is best to simply call them to place your order.

INTERSTATE RV METAL &  SUPPLY    800-587-3463 OR 503-786-8860

  • CATALOG # 009-344   1/8 INCH GLAZE BEAD [ April/2017 was $1.50 per foot + s/h] (comes in black or white) we suggest black as honestly it nearly fades into the window so it does not show at all.  I do not have a per foot price handy but will post in the very near future.  Their customer service is very good and they are “Avion friendly folks” and know vintage rigs.  We highly recommend their product.  Along with the glaze bead you will need Par Bond to apply at the seams where your rubber glaze bead meet each other end to end.  This will prevent water seepage into that seam.  Be sure to really butt the two ends up very tightly because there will be some shrinkage over time and a redo of par bond to fill those cracks may be needed so be vigilant on that!  Applying the bead in warm weather and/or using a hair blow dryer will help keep it supple and easier to get in.  Using a plastic putty knife may also be helpful.

CAYO REPAIR,  Watervliet, Michigan.  Chuck is son to one of the original owners and considered among some circles to be an Avion Guru (or Wizard) for repairs, especially restoration projects like skin replacements due to accidents, etc.  He does not have a website but can be reached by phone is best at 269-463-5068.  Leave a message (or two) and they will get back to you. Warning, this company is high in demand, don’t expect to bring your rig in on Tuesday so you can get it repaired and use it to go camping on Friday. They are not too online present but here is their FB page for Cayo Repair Service

2018-04-16 10.21.20



Vintage Campers on Pintrest…..great ideas and inspirations!

Vintage Trailer Shop (especially windows, parts, etc.)

Tin Can Tourists ( membership group of trailer lovers)

Reproduction Avion Travelcade Stickers ( on Ebay)

DISCLAIMER:  We do not have any investment, representation or connection to any of these sites with the exception of being an affiliate partner for the How To Plan Your Epic RV Course by Vendors and links to resources are listed purely for informational purposes.   We do not take any responsibility for their products, service , online or printed information or assume any liability.

Adventures with a Vintage 1973 Avion Luxury Coach Camper

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