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In 2018 we joined Harvest Hosts which is a membership program that enables RV owners to stay at least one night at participating vineyards, attractions, museums, farms, breweries, family farmsteads, historic sites and more.  They also have a membership plan that includes currently over 300 golf courses.  Imagine how peaceful and beautiful golf courses are after play hours!

Wanna drool a bit? 

Check out their photo gallery to sample some locations!


Check out their mapping and locations!   As of this post locations are spread across the entire USA  including the lower 48, Alaska and Alberta Canada- that are participating. They also added Golf Course locations in the past few years!  Check out below from their website.  It is a completely interactive mapping site, zoom in to see more details and pin points.  The map below is zoomed out so you can see more states, the large red dots may very well be representing several Harvest Host location in one town or geographic area.


A few points to know to decide if joining Harvest Hosts will work for you….

DO SITES ALLOW TENTING?  This is a membership ONLY for RV (motorhome, trailer, fifth wheel, popups) so sorry but camping in a tent is not eligible for membership.

WHY WOULD A HOST SITE ALLOW FREE CAMPING ON THEIR LAND?  Hosts that sign up are hoping to use your stay as part of their marketing strategy.  They hope you will buy some of their products (this is strongly encouraged!) and for sure, they hope you will be posting reviews on social media, plastering your facebook and instagram pages with photos from their business and sharing your experiences with your friends and family.  After having been in the public relations and marketing business for well over half of my life (pushing 30 years work experience right now) I can testify that there is NO BETTER marketing plan than to get word of mouth testimonials for a business to build business and get new customers = revenue!

DO THEY ALLOW PETS?  That will depend from site to site- so check first.

HOW MANY DAYS/NIGHTS CAN WE STAY?  The program has been established that host sites must allow at least one overnight, some regularly offer two, some offer more.  It is totally up to the Harvest Host site owner to determine length of stay allowed.  There is no cost for an overnight if boondocking (no hookups or services provided) but we have started to hear reports and see some listings that hookups or other services or activities may be available as options at a small fee.

For many more FAQs check out their website!


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