This is an open invitation for ALL Avion owners or “soon to be ” owners to join us on a LIVE ZOOM meeting to discuss various RV and specific Avion topics.  

Lively, Fun, Informative!  Drop in and meet fellow Avioners!

Avion Tuesday Talks 8 PM

NOTE:  We live in upstate NY so the start time posted of 8 PM SHARP is EASTERN TIME.  We know there are Avion lovers all over the country and over the pond so please plan your log in according to your time zone.

We post the TOPIC OF THE WEEK on our Facebook page as well as the ZOOM log in credentials there too!!

Click on our Facebook “EVENTS”!

*Phone in participation is fine if your internet is slow and cannot handle Zoom meetings.  Find call in phone #s on our Zoom meeting info on our FB page!

Here is a sample of some of our more recent topics:

  • Getting the most of the Avion Facebook Pages
  • Leveling your Avion (why? how? Tips, gadgets & gear to make it easier!)
  • All about Locks….protecting your investment!
  • Black Water Tanks

Session policies:

  1. We open the meeting waiting room at 7:45 PM so  you can get audio and video working.
  2. Please use the “Rename” feature on Zoom and put  your First Name, Your Avion Year and Length in that order.
  3. We stay on topic for the night and always take suggestions for future session topics.
  4. Sessions run no longer than 1 hour.  Sometimes they run shorter so log in right at 8 or a few minutes earlier so  you don’t miss a thing!
  5. Kevin and Luisa Sherman are your hosts and we will keep the meeting open until 8:15, but if no one else  logs in we will close the session due to lack of attendance. (I love chatting with Kevin but hey…we see each other every day! LOL)


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