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Adjusting to Life on the Road…some slight changes to the way we connect to you!

Well, we have logged just over 1800 miles getting from our “former” home near Lake George, NY to our “new start of residency” in Box Elder, SD. Our 2023 adventure of over 14,000 miles to Alaska and back down the west coast has barely begun!

We are feeling happy, adventurous, and yes, a little Interstate I-90 jet lagged!

Dispersed camping at Nomad View in the Badlands NP

Many of you have said you love traveling vicariously through our social media posts, etc.—and we love that!!! Sharing with you keeps us feeling connected to relationships we have built over years and decades— you are our virtual neighborhood now-– (since we no longer have a sticks n bricks home!)


To be honest, it has been a struggle jumping from one social media site to another especially when traveling in remote areas with little to no cell signal let alone WIFI and from the passenger seat no less!

When we left NY — we began a new full time RV wanderlust life— and with that found a new and easier way to stay connected via a dedicated travel site on Patreon.

If you are not familiar with Patreon- it is a software site designed for travelers, hobbyists, artists, and all sorts of creatives to share their work, travel, their expertise and their life experiences. In some ways it is similar to the traditional WordPress I have been using for 6 years now for our ThePewterPalace.com site but the Patreon platform is far more intuitive, flexible, and easy to do as we travel!

I am finding it much easier to create on the fly and in a more timely manner. I have started posting articles, campsite reviews, tourism info as well as collections of travel picture albums and our weekly adventures very easily and quickly-especially right from my cell phone (unlike our wordpress .com site).

We are asking you to please visit our new page and please consider subscribing! Towards the top of the page you will see the various supporter/subscriber level options if you wish to say thanks (but it is totally optional) for our time and effort doing posts, photography, etc. Supporters/Patrons do get directly notified of all posts and have access to other features as you will see in the description at each of the three levels. Level one, a Pewter Palace Patron starts at $3.

BUT WAIT—–SCROLL DOWN!!!! If you simply want to see our “public” articles as we publish them, continue to scroll down just a little…and there they will be! I will continue to post periodic travel updates, photo collections and more here as our main online space.

WHAT ABOUT THEPEWTERPALACE.COM BLOG?? That is not going anywhere-but it will transition to more of a “help desk” and focus just on vintage trailer and Avion resources, how to topics and ideas for maintenance and upgrades to our beloved vintage silver beauties. We have so many followers there and so many folks who have reached out to us to thank us for helping them renovate or maintain things on their Avions– and we are happy to continue to host that site and post relative content. The format and software of the .com blog lends itself far better to this type of content publishing.

WHAT ABOUT OUR FACEBOOK PAGES?? These will continue but the overall content will not be quite as robust as what will be on our Patreon site because of the options the Patreon format allows.

Once again, we greatly appreciate everyone’s comments, congratulations and well wishes as we have embarked on our long awaited full time RV life of travel and adventure. Also thanks to those Avion owners who have personally reached out to thank us for help we have provided to them through our blog or on a one-to-one.

We sincerely hope you will continue to follow along with us. We want to, and love to continue to bring you great information, photos of places you may want to put on your bucket list and for you to be an armchair traveler on the Pewter Palace! Through your support we will do just that!

Thank you for being a big part of our virtual neighborhood! Please visit our new website for more!

Wishing you all well, safe travels and amazing adventures! On to Alaska!!