This page is dedicated to making archived copies of historic Travelcade Directories available to Avion owners and those interested in the history of the Travelcade, an Avion club.  The official Avion Travelcade Club started in 1959 and ran until the end of 2001.

The directories have been shared by Dean Bailey a long time Avion owner.  Dean’s  father owned a highly respected Avion Travel Trailer dealership in New London, OH for many, many decades. Dean continued ownership of the dealership until Fleetwood bought out and closed down the Avion line in the early 90s.  Many of us have had the privilege to spend quality time with Dean and his lady love Yvonne at the Silver Avion Fellowship Rally held each July in Elkhart Indiana.  When Dean and Yvonne “retired” from actively Avion-ing  in 2022 (Dean turned 94!) they graciously shared their library of these Travelcade directories with Matt & Cassondra Padding (fellow Avioners).  Cassie has taking great care to scan the paper directories into PDFs so they can be shared online.  We are honored to host them here.

WHY are these Directories important?

If you own an Avion that has the original big black or red vinyl “Travelcade #’s” on its front and rear your Avion at some point was owned by someone who belonged to the optional Avion “Travelcade” club.  By using these directories as references, you can TRACE THE LINEAGE OF YOUR AVION!  How fun is that!!!  Travelcade numbers went with the owner, not with the trailer, so in some cases, owners would transfer their numbers to a newer model/year.

TIP:  A quick way to “find your Travelcade Red or Black #” is to go toward the end of each directory where there is a list by “Travelcade #”first,  then owner last name and their state Unit affiliation.  * However, it is important to check every directory year since some members may drop membership or add membership at any given year.

To find out more about the TRAVELCADE Club click here for our blog article!  If you have a directory year that is not listed and wish to share it here please contact us!

Adventures with a Vintage Avion Luxury Travel Trailer

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