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  1. Hello, I have a 1979 34W I am rebuilding. I saw your video about reglazing the end windows. Currently I have my front window removed from the trailer and am cleaning the butyl from it and the jalousies. I noticed you have no jalousies. I would like to remove mine if possible and have a fixed pane like yours. How is your central window sealed on the sides? I know the top and bottom have the hook rail for the glazing bead. I would appreciate hearing from you and any suggestions you might have.
    Sincerely, Richard Crane. Bloomington, Indiana


    1. Richard,
      We sold our 1973 avion this summer after purchasing a 1987 32S model. The 73 did not have that one lower center window as that year was the year of the new “breadloaf” total restyle of the body (no more multiple fans on nose or rear) and they went to a solid fixed pane center nose window with the fixed curved plexiglas windows on each side of it. Then in 74 they went back to the lower jalousie below the fixed center one again i believe in 74. I can tell you from experience we wished our 73 had that center crank out for air flow front to back. And i would recommend leaving it for that reason if it is working. We suspect one of 2 things…either people complained because they missed the crank out window or they realized they had more of the center with jalousie in their warehouse inventory so why not use it up. Or a combo of the two! Our 87 has 2 jalousies in the center with the top third of the window being fixed. We love the cross breeze and airflow! Again, if yours is in decent shape we suggest keeping it. Hehr is the maker of these windows back in the day and still today. They have a website easily found. If they do not have your exact dimensions they will make up customs. Hope this helps. Also i have posted a PDF document on the Avion Owners facebook site under the FILES that if u have not found gives more tips on installing new glass bead, sources, tools and tips. Dont hesitate to reach put with any questions. We replaced the bead on our 73 and our 87 and have the bruised fingertips to prove it!


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