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2018-07-03 17.37.10
July  2018- RT 87-  Heading up the Adirondack Northway minutes from our home in upstate NY to Camping with the Grandsons!

Welcome! This is an ongoing blog about our journey as owners of a vintage coach camping trailer. 

We purchased a 1973 Avion LaGrande model “luxury travel coach ” in September 2016. We are the fourth owners of this vintage trailer.  The rig is 28′ total feet long including the awesome vintage bumper, tongue and hitch. Our actual living space is 8′ wide by approx. 24 feet long!  We currently enjoy long weekend camping and a few extended trips each year but have a plan to go “full time” and live in our Pewter Palace when we semi-retire (we plan to do Workamping around the USA!).

2018-09-15 12.35.18

This blog will chronicle our story, her layout and our personal touches and required maintenance to ensure another four decades of camping heritage…as well as of course, our travel journeys with The Pewter Palace herself. We have included separate categories of pages for various projects to be easier to find topics and for us to keep things somewhat organized by chronological date.  Hope you enjoy our blog. Please let us know!


We hope you enjoy our blog!  Please follow us and our journeys!

Kevin & Luisa Sherman (and Reddy, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)


7 thoughts on “About The Pewter Palace…”

  1. Love reading your blog about your Avion. We just purchased a 1970 T-28 and I was wondering about the Simple Green HD cleaner you used on yours. Di that just clean it or did it give it that satin shine “wet look”


    1. Kipp, be sure to only use the purple colored Pro HD Simple Green. It is avail at Lowes or HD. You don’t need a lot. Follow directions for mixing with water. Do not wash your rig in sunlight and be sure to only do one section at a time and rinse, rinse, rinse quickly!!! It cleans well without removing the protectant finish that was originally applied at factory. Washing does not produce the shine unfortunately. But as you wash, when the rig is wet you will see how awesome it does look and that will inspire you to get it done.
      For the shine you will need to do another step which is to use a product called Ever bright after threee rig is very clean and very dry. There are other products too but Ever right seems to be the preferred. For a quick fix, you can wipe on WD40. Yup that’s right. Same stuff that loosens up stuck stuff. Wiping it on sparingly but evenly will give your rig a nice but temporary sheen. It will wash off with first rain storm or trailer bath whichever comes first. Problem with towing it with a WD40 wipe down is that every bug will stick to it and that is a pain to pluck them all off. I think if you are at a seasonal site and not really on the road then WD could be a solution. Good luck and thanks for liking our blog. It is a labor of love for all things Avion! – – Luisa Sherman


  2. Thanks for your video on installing your front window weather strip! We have to do the same thing to our 74 Avion 25’ Travelcader! Hopefully we won’t have to wait for warmer weather too much longer! We live in Fulton


    1. William,
      So glad it was helpful! Fulton NY!! So great to know there us another Avioner in the state. Do you belong to the several online Avuon Facebook groups? Are you a member of TCT?


    1. It will be great to meet you at Sampson rally. That actually also is a TCT rally (Northeastern chapter) and I guess from reports they have sold it out and the will be 100 vintage campers. Wow! Kevin and I will also be headed to the TCT Centennial rally in MI next month. Safe travels to you!! Be sure to find us at Sampson state park in NY!! Cant miss us now with our new spare tire cover which says the Pewter Palace.com in big letters.


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Adventures with a Vintage 1973 Avion Luxury Coach Camper

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