Oct. 15, 2015.  UPDATED 12/2021  We decided before prepping her for winter storage the Pewter Palace would get her first bath by us. Scouring the various online forums and FB Avion lovers sites (I now belong to two private FB groups and one yahoo group)  we decided to proceed with the recommendation to use Simple Green Pro HD cleaner. It’s the PURPLE stuff. Then you dilute it per instructions. It did a very good job!

Check out this before….and after

Getting up high enough to wash and check the roof is not easy. It is suggested when you work on the roof of an Avion (or similarly an Airstream) that you use a sheet to plywood to kneel on so you can diffuse your weight and leave no footprints. I am actually going to purchase a very nice scaffold set up from HD for a Xmas gift for Kevin…ha, ha.  It will enable him to be high enough that with his nice ladder with platform he will be able to reach and get to nearly everything on the roof.  But…that is not till next spring now.

Here Kev is washing and when she is wet she is gorgeous! We plan to get her polished and waxed in spring. Avion’s are not a mirror finish like Airstreams (which is nice) but the anodized aluminum is much stronger, durable and when given that “wet look”coating she is fabulous!


A few more useful tips on giving your baby a bath since now we have owned two Avions and have 6 years under our belt.

  1. It is highly recommended NOT do use a power washer device to do the exterior wash.  The pressure may be too much and dislodge precious sealants between the layers of seams, or around sealed areas like the AC unit, vent stacks or roof vents.  If you do power wash, do it very gently and ONLY work from the overlapped side of the seams so you are not forcing water into the seams.
  2. Be sure to only wash on a cloudy day so that you can keep up with getting soap off quickly before it dries.  Be sure to only do a small section at a time and rinse, rinse, rinse.
  3. Start at the roof and work your way down the sides.  We find doing the washing like in layers of a cake work best ending with the bottom most area where the exterior storage doors are–again, rinsing everywhere as  you go so nothing is drying onto the rig.
  4. I have found using a lint free towel and hand drying is the best way to avoid water marks on the aluminum skin.  Where we live we have very hard water.  If you have soft water this may not be that much of an issue.
  5. If you  have been anywhere NEAR SALT WATER (does not need to be only at beach or waterfront) you need to wash your rig as quickly as possible to remove salt that will cause significant corrosion to your frame and aluminum.  If you are long term at a salt water location, e.g. a beach front campground- it is recommended you at least rinse your rig weekly.  Be sure to also wash your hitch components and tongue of trailer area too!
  6. Once completely clean AND VERY DRY we apply Oxowal penetrating fluid with a lint free towel to the exterior.  Must be applied in a level manner, no circular motion!  Do small sections at a time and again, best done in the shade to lengthen dry time to apply without streaks.  This does a great job of covering any white streaks which may still be present.

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