Bathroom facelift-May 2017

I spent a few days making up new curtains and the shower curtain for our bathroom on the Pewter Palace.  Amazingly enough, the shower curtain onboard when we bought the trailer WAS the original, 43 years old and in fabulous, fully useable shape, but i wanted to do a themed approach in the bathroom too so, it went into safe storage.

When we first purchased the trailer and were doing the initial straightening and clean out we came upon a funky fun strand of decorative lights with pink flamingos and palm trees on it.  Anyone who knows us knows very well that this type of thing is really farthest from our norm of 18th c. style, period fabrics and lighting, etc.  But they were so funky cute–i took them as a great sign that this adventure on our 1973 Avion was going to be great!  So we decided they would come out of the closet and find a permanent home in our bathroom.

So pink flamingos and palm trees became the official theme of the bathroom- which surprisingly for a 28 foot rig (really only 23 feet of living space total) has great room to move around, a full shower and small tub as well as tons of storage closets, an original medicine cabinet and tons of mirror space.

I did handsew the living room and kitchen curtains- but admit with these i did resort to quick dash on my machine!

Here is before and after.  Will have to add more when the funky lights are in place and of the shower curtain.  Fun is!!


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