The Long Hibernation

Winters come early and linger late here in the Adirondacks of NY.  Our bevolved Pewter Palace is safe and sound tucked into her “den” till at least April.  It is not uncommon to still see some snow piles then.

This fall, we sold our big house and moved into a townhouse apartment. We are loving our new place and the decision we made. The only downside is that obviously we no longer could have our camper in our backyard. We miss her a lot and miss the convenience of being able to get on board in a minute notice to putter or work on some things. Heck I think we would even spend some nights on her too since we know our furnace works like a charm. But alas, other arrangements had to be made.

We decided to rent a large 45 foot long indoor RV storage garage to keep her in as well as our other reenacting gear, spare tools and stuff we want, at leaat for now.

I will tell you that last week we went over to check on her and look for some Xmas stuff I cannot seem to track down. Yikes when we got there and opened up the overhead door we both were flooded with emotion and realized how much we truly miss not living in her. We quickly went on board and were like petting her and cooing to her. I don’t know why we are so attached to this rig but we are. Maybe it’s because we know she will be our full time home in ten years. Maybe it’s because we love the German decor, maybe it’s the simplicity of life in a trailer where all you need is a reflection of really how little you need to be happy. Maybe a combination of everything.

I am sure that some of our friends who have been fortunate enough to inherit a family cabin or camp, or a beach cottage know how this feeling takes you over. You arrive to the door after stressful week at work, kick off your shoes and put on the slippers that you leave at your hideaway… And whammy… De-stress and comfort overwhelms you. That familiarity calms you and transports you into a different way of looking at life. I know… We feel it now too, but ours has wheels, so we also have the luxury of being able to change our view, She says with a big smile……

Sleep tight Pewtty Pal…. Spring will come and so will we!

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