Best Flag Pole Holder for an Avion or Airstream

When attending the Tin Can Tourist Northeastern Rally last September in the Finger Lakes of NY we loved seeing so many of the Avion’s and Airstream’s touting beautiful flags off their front end.  We took a few shots of the holders we liked and chatted with rig owners.  (below is vintage Avion gathering photo with singular flag).

1972_AVION_15- around the campfire, rally1

Below is a great shot found online of an Airstream rally…you kinda get the picture!  Flying flags has been a tradition for decades especially off Aluminum trailers (both Avion and Airstreams).

row airstreams with flag pole holders

I went online and did my research for who produces the best bracket system.  Hands down on both the Avion and Airstream forums one particular name kept coming up.  “Rob’s Flag Pole Holder”.  He can be found on Facebook using that as search tool if this link on my blog does not work.  I will have pricing and contact info at end of this blog entry as well as maintain it on our equipment and links page.  He does take payment via Paypal which is great.   Fact is though that from the sounds of it, Rob has in recent years wound down on his production levels a bit.  He did however, respond quickly to my message via his FB page—- and lucky for us he had a 3 slot and a 5 slot still in stock!  wow!! lucky!  We were tempted to order both but considering other gizmo’s we need to get this winter, we opted to just order the 5 flag model.   He shipped to us and we love it.

The product is heavy duty and will surely stand the test of time.  We also love the fact that this is essentially handcrafted by a fellow NYS resident.  Nice!  It does come without pre-drilled “U” bolt holes simply because he cannot foresee each installation needs for all different manufacturers of the power jack posts.  This is a heavy piece, welds are strong, holes for poles are 1.25″ in diameter.  We will now plan to look for 1″ poles to allow for easy in and out.  a rubber ring gasket could also be used to cushion I guess if needed.

Because of the location of our power jack motor housing (if you do not have one, you need one!) we will need to rotate that housing block and thumb switch to the curbside or back.  This is to allow sufficient room for the holder to be permanently mounted there using a stainless “U” bolt and locking nuts.  You can opt to take the holder on and off each time, but to us that is a hassle and with so little precious interior storage (and virtually none to spare on the two exterior storage compartments (yes, not nearly what our modern Class A had!) we figure we will just keep it mounted all the time.

We plan to get telescoping fiberglass poles and will be shopping for them next.  Our plan is to proudly fly the following flags:

  • American Flag
  • New York State Flag
  • Masonic Flag
  • Tin Can Tourist Flag
  • Avion Flag (may have to make our own up custom, since originals are highly prized and hard to find)

This is going to look awesome!  Watch for update photos.


  • FB page:  Rob’s Flag  Pole Holder
  • Email:
  • Cost and payments:  (Per Rob to us in Feb 2018) 3 pole holder, $125 including s/h; 5 Pole holder, $150 including s/h.

Happy flying–these Aluminum Beauties deserve to be decked out and proud to be Americans!!


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