Mor-Ryde Jack Lift Hook for Avion Travel Trailers

Here is our video on how to use the original Mor-Ryde Bottle Jack Lift Plate.

This original piece of equipment has become quite rare to find because along the way subsequent owners did not know what that somewhat rusted, odd shaped thing was. Lucky for us, our previous owner inherited his trailer from his Uncle who was an old-timer and had owned our trailer for over 20 years taking her to Florida annually and also to Alaska and California.  He knew the value of having this little piece of metal to ensure no damage would be done to the Mor-Ryde suspension in case of a need for a tire change.

We hope this video will assist those who have this equipment, maybe packed way low in one of the storage bins on your trailer.  This coming winter, Kevin plans to get these replicated and we should have them for sale.  Let us know if you are interested and we will follow up with you when availability and pricing becomes known.

We appreciate your comments on the video.  If you like it please give us a thumbs up!



5 thoughts on “Mor-Ryde Jack Lift Hook for Avion Travel Trailers”

  1. Yes I have the hook for changing a tire but I have the chain in case you’re spare is flat. You also don’t show the wood wedges that also come with the trailer when it was new. If you’re going to show about the system please show all of the tools that came with it. I have all 3 If I need them.


    1. Curtis,
      We do appreciate you taking the time to respond to our video. You are correct there were other original pieces (chains and blocks) that evidently were included originally however those are pieces that over successive owners may have or could have been easily replaced with off the rack stuff versus the original lift plate which had specific design function. Lucky you to have all the original pieces! We only have the plate and chains. There are many folks in Avion Land like yourself that have far more years of experience than we do but folks we met recently at the Silver Avion Fellowship Rally asked us to specifically do a show and tell about the plate since many had not seen. In review of our video Kevin does show our wood blocks under jack and references the chains to support axel when changing tire. The full process of tire changing was not our intent. Perhaps you or someone with all original equipment would make that video at some point. That would be great. Be well and hope to see you on the road sometime! – Luisa Sherman.


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