Best little non-electric toaster ever!

In my quest for a toaster that could function well in the event of boondocking, I took to the proverbial pages of to see what others have reviewed.

I had visions of the old fashioned pierced plate style with four wire holders that prop up towards the middle, remembering somewhere in my life seeing and using this many moons ago.  Found tons on Amazon all with horrible reviews.  Ok…new search on.

Found it!  This little guy, the Camp-A-Toaster CT1 is fabulous.  I have LP stove/range so I cannot comment on this toaster’s use on an electric range.  Reviews from Amazon customers were very good and hit at the heart of what I was looking for which was:

  • even toasting,
  • easy to store and clean up–
  • and well made

Price is quite a bit more than those plate styles but I can tell you it is well worth it.  This is very well made and so far has done an amazing job with english muffins, bread and bagels.  Stows easily (I keep it in the bubble bag it was sent in) and on the shelf in my oven in the trailer (which i rarely use, but affords great handy storage!).  It does only toast two slices at a time but once it is heated up, it toasts so fast that this should not be a a problem for multiple people.

Product Details

Camp-A-Toaster CT1 Camp-A-Toaster

by Camp-A-Toaster
Get it by Tomorrow, Aug 10

NOTE:  You are best to pre-heat it for a minute on the burner, as suggested but then once you put your breadstuff down there be careful because you will burn your toast quickly (unlike the plate one that reviewers said took forever and really never did a good job).

How do I know this??  I have triggered our smoke alarm twice in one week!

Enjoy this great gadget!

At some point in the near future, we will be starting to host an Amazon direct store from this website so you can order through that link and we get a little perk from Amazon towards our future purchases (but it does not cost you any more)—so we will appreciate your support.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Best little non-electric toaster ever!”

  1. I used one of those for years. It works fine and stows in a cabinet easily. I only stopped using it when I got an electric toaster oven with toaster slots in the top. Sits next to the Keurig!


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