Making Lists…Using downtime productively during Pandemic

Hey everyone,

Hope this post finds you all well, healthy, staying home…to protect your family and save lives! If you are like us you are hunkered down on a government imposed “stay at home” order. BTW- we totally agree with this order- we must stay away from others!

Here in NY State (thankfully we are 3 hours north of NYC) we are hunkered down with some adjusted work at home schedules for Luisa and adjusted go into work schedule for Kevin.

PP during Covid-19

So we have taken this time, as we see many are commenting on with facebook that it is a great time to plan and DO projects on your Avion’s! We are doing that too!

You know…that one that has taken forever to get tothe one that you have to take stuff apart and have been fearful you cannot get it back in time for your next camping trip in a week….that hinge that needs re-tightening.

Kevin and I created a great “to do” project list template, broke it up into exterior and interior, then by area…for instance:  on the exterior (front, curbside, rear, streetside, underbelly, front) and on interior (kitchen/dining, salon/living room, bath, bedroom).

Here is the template we designed.  Feel free to print out, customize for your needs.

TEMPLATE- Avion PROJECT Tracker by year-by ThePewterPalace  (this is a PDF)

OR-below is a JPG image which you should be able to click and download.

TEMPLATE- Avion PROJECT Tracker by year-by ThePewterPalace

Sometimes its just really nice to be able to see the visual of check marks noting accomplishments!  It helps to not make everything feel so overwhelming especially if you are working with a “field find” total gut job!  (thankfully we are not!)


Stay home (work on your Avion) stay healthy and safe! We are ALL going to have tip top shape Avion’s for the 2021 camping season for sure!


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