Easy & Safe Way to Reach the Avion Rooftop

From time to time we all need to access the roof of our beloved Avions.  Unlike more modern “box” rubber roof trailers, our Avions have special needs (but of course–we know that right!!) 

It is important to note on ANY aluminum trailers you need to be sure you use a flat board to kneel or stand on to deflect your weight out so it is not concentrated in one area.

Also NEVER put any weight on the front or rear “fan” slices on your Avion (or Airstream for that matter) because from what we have read those nose and rear areas do not have the structural support to handle weight.



Whether it involves replacing the roof vents, installing a new AC or its gasket, or to the install of the venerable Eterna-bond Tape that helps us all keep our rigs water-leak free…we all need to access our rooftops at some point.  Getting up level or above and safely being able to work is critical to safely working on and maintaining your Avion.

Kevin was lucky to find this MetalTech 4 in 1 scaffolding system at Home Depot on a terrific sale as it was the only one left in stock. LINK  But fear not, they, or similar are available still from big box home improvement stores or elsewhere!

This scaffold system was quite simple for us to put together one morning at our RV storage garage.  The directions were excellent and it required minimal tools as outlined.  Even I, who is not thrilled with climbing ladders per say felt totally fine getting up on “the deck” and peering over onto our rooftop to size up future projects!


You will  note, Kevin did also purchase the side“outriggers” that we feel are very important to have for safety especially since you will want to position your scaffold close to your trailer side wall and the stabilizer will help…well…stabilize you!

Be sure to follow all safety protocols outlined in the directions for assembly and use of any scaffolding.


Ours also as you can see is a 4 in 1 which also has a shelf, work surface and jig set up for a chop saw that you may wish to use.  We have found this to be a great piece of maintenance equipment and well worth the about the $300 we paid for it!

Be well, Be safe…Hope to meet you on the road!

Kevin & Luisa Sherman

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